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Excite your senses as you walk through more than 150 stores offering International & Local Brands
We have the best Chinese restaurant and also we have a variety of fast food cafe.
Enjoy latest movies at Rafay Mall Rawalpindi Cinepax & Kids can have a great day at play area.
We have a beautiful masjid for prayers and worship. Regularly prays Jumma Mubarik.

Parking Area

Rafay Mall have a vast area parking for their visitors to park their vehicles and get easy access to Mall for shopping and enjoying with tasty foods at food court. Visitors use lift to get easily access to multiple brands for their easy visit especially for medical purpose. Patients have easily visit hospitals for medication on wheelchair root by lift or by plane ladder.

Connecting Bridge

We have a best feature at Rafay Mall for our residential area. We have two approved bridge which connect our mall to our separate parking parking plaza. These bridge is very valuable for all residential area because they easily park their vehicles and get access to their apartments with second

Underground Tunnel

We have an underground tunnel which connect our Mall parking area to our separate parking plaza. Visitors easily get access to parking plaza with their vehicles. This is also make easy convenient to our brands shops and other commercial area to maintain their business without any problem.

Backup Generators

At Rafay Mall we have two Bulk Power Generators to ensure 24/7 power supply to our customers in case of power cut by WAPDA.

Solar System

Rafay Mall respects the core values of Green Environment to restrict ozone depletion. In this aspect, Rafay Mall have installed 30kW On-grid System to meet the load demands of it's own and exporting additional power to the National Grid and making country strong.

Cleaning Services

To ensure cleanlines at Rafay Mall we offer best cleaning services to our customers.

Civil Services

For the best infrastructure and interiors Rafay Mall offers one of the best civil services to our customers through best engineers.

Electrical Services

To ensure safety of our customers from electrical hazards we have best team supervised by electrical engineers and experienced personals.



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